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balletschool La Bayadère

Danslaan 66

1326 PL  Almere

wij hebben geen telefoon


Classical Ballet

Levels beginner to advanced
Pointes for advanced students
Year courses (Sept-June

We also offer: 

private lessons

ballet exams 

ballet teacher training course


    Please Read    

We are a school and work with lesson plans.
The best moment to start is at the beginning of the school year: First week of September.


Trial Class
During Trial Class Week anyone can do a class provided that the class is appropriate (age, level). 
Link to form to request a trial class
If you want to continue after your trial class, we send you a form to register for the rest of the school year.

Single Class
For a Single Class you pay 12,50 euro at the front desk before class starts. 


Students must be able to be without their cell phone and parents for the duration of the class.

Dress code

Within four weeks of their trial class students are expected to purchase and wear the required uniform without further reminder. 


Observation classes

We offer a parents watch class, usually in November.

The rest of our classes are closed for visitors.


Filming / Photography

Filming and photography is prohibited, except during observation classes.



Our school year starts in the first week of September

and ends in the last week of June.

No classes during regular primary school holidays.

Missed classes can be made up during the extra-class-schedule:

During four set weeks all students can do unlimited classes at no extra cost.



You may contact us in Dutch, English and German.


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